Indian handcrafted bamboo flutes and classical bansuri music by Ravi Shankar Mishra


Bansuri World

Creation, comes from stillness and Life, truly is tranquility in motion. I have had the pleasure of listening to Ravi Shankar Mishraji on many occasions and have attempted (with varying degrees of limited success) to capture the essence of an artist's performance and the inner space from where all concerts emanate. However, today I had the rare privilege of experiencing stillness, where a bamboo reed metamorphoses into a soulful bansuri; under the thoughtfully benign gaze and a loving touch of a master craftsman. This sketch is a behind-the-scenes glimpse and a humble tribute to a very talented artist and a dear friend, who is almost monk-like (with personal rituals, prayers and all) while handcrafting his MURLIs.