Indian handcrafted bamboo flutes and classical bansuri music by Ravi Shankar Mishra

MURLI - Handcrafted Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flutes) by Master Bansuri Maker & Flutist Ravi Shankar Mishra

Buyers in India please contact Ravi by email or phone: Mobile: +91 94481 50433 or Home: +91 0821 4269761 regarding your purchase.

Ravi Shankar Mishra is one of the finest makers of Hindustani Bansuri flute - Indian Bamboo flute. He learnt the art of Bansuri flute making from his father Sri Dinesh Chandra Mishra. In his endeavour to craft the Bansuri flute for his own playing, he mastered the art of Bansuri flute making. The hallmark of quality in his bamboo flutes is well reflected in the precision and a skillful workmanship evolved over the years of dedication and hard work. Ravi’s Bansuri flute making was blessed by the flute maestro and one of the greatest Bansuri bamboo flute makers, late Pt. Devendra Murdeshwar, who revealed to him the intricacies and dynamics of ‘bamboo’ and ‘wind’ leading towards near perfection.

Bansuri flutes - Bamboo flutes made by Ravi are of top quality - technically accurate and aesthetically beautiful. Each flute is made with dedication and passion that is required to turn out the most exquisite and beautifully resonate bansuri flutes.

Bamboos which Ravi selects personally are specially hand picked from Assam and seasoned, before the process of turning a piece of bamboo into the wonderful bansuri flute starts. Holes are punched into the bamboo and then it is fine tuned to perfection. He specializes in making bansuri with seven holes which was invented and propagated by Pt. Pannalal Ghosh, where the seventh hole has a unique significance in producing meends. The beauty of these flutes is that, the flautists who do not use the seventh hole, can simply ignore it and play it like a flute with six holes, thus making the flute actually comprehensive.

Ravi’s flutes are much in demand in India and abroad and are played by many renowned artists and top ranking performers. With flautist Pt. Nityanand Haldipur himself playing Ravi’s flutes, comes the certification of the quality. His flutes are much preferred due to its tonal quality and the comfortable fingering it offers. His bansuris are a compliment to his lineage and are keeping alive the rich legacy, tradition and memories of his gharana.

Ravi's Bansuri Flutes for Sale

Tonic Pitch refers to the first 3 holes closed, whereas Key Pitch refers to all 6 holes closed.

Buyers in India please contact Ravi by email or phone: Mobile: +91 94481 50433 or Home: +91 0821 4269761 regarding your purchase.

* All flutes include FREE carry case

Tonic Pitch Key Pitch Length Sell price Quantity
B (bass) F sharp 38" B (bass) $400.00
C (bass) G 36" C (bass) $400.00
C sharp (bass) G sharp 35" C sharp (bass) $350.00
D (bass) A 34" D (bass) $325.00
D sharp A sharp 32" D sharp $300.00
E B 30" E $275.00
F C 28" F $250.00
F sharp C sharp 27 F sharp $250.00
G D 26 G $250.00
G sharp D sharp 25 G sharp $225.00
A E 23" A $200.00
A sharp F 22" A sharp $200.00
B F sharp 21" B $200.00
C (small) G 20" C (small) $175.00
C sharp (small) G sharp 19" C sharp (small) $175.00
D (small) A 18" D (small) $150.00
D sharp A sharp 17" D sharp $150.00
E B 16" E $150.00